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We are a company that manages event spaces and services in the Corinthians Arena sports stadium. Camarote Arena is a hub that connects different suppliers to offer solutions for the event market, either with infrastructure or different types of services. In addition, Camarote Arena adds the experience of games in the most diverse championships on the planet.



We offer a complete structure with unique spaces to give customers singular experiences.

Camarote Arena

Arena Conference Rooms

Modular spaces

Our Services

Passenger Transport

In partnership with Shift, we offer safe and comfortable transportation for our passengers.


Technology that enhances your event. Count on the latest R1 audiovisual solutions


Tes Cenografia's scenographic service provides a total immersion in your experience with our spaces, with the option of closing and customizing the entire structure.

Food and Beverages

Our events feature a full food and beverage service, providing our customers with a full and tasty service.

42 Labs

Innovative, state-of-the-art technology for your event, with solutions ranging from content creation to holograms and augmented or virtual reality.


With extensive experience in recreation and a wide range of entertainment for all ages, Companhia do Tomate has its infrastructure in the Camarote Arena.


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Rua João Nápoles Alvim, 35 02517-170 Jd. das Laranjeiras, São Paulo - SP/ Brasil